Archery is the sport of shooting with a bow and arrow.  There are several forms of archery as well as different types of archery equipment.

The most popular forms of archery:

  • Bow Hunting (feral animals) 
  • Target Archery (shooting at round paper Targets either indoor or outdoor) 
  • Field Archery (shooting at feral animal coloured vinyl targets or 3D feral animal Targets, in a bush setting)

There are also several types of bows available:

  • Compound Bows (modern style with cables and wheels/cams).         
  • Long Bows (traditional), and
  • Recurve Bows (as used in the Olympics)


The Darling Downs Field Archers Inc. (DDFA)

Ten enthusiastic archers founded the DDFA in 1978.  We currently have about 120 members, including a number of families with young children. Facilities at the Club include two x 20 target ranges, 80m practice range as well as 14 x IFAA range. We are able to cater for various shoot formats, a clubhouse with flushing toilets, hot showers, canteen and BBQ area.

The Club is proud of its safety record and is proactive in ensuring that all facilities meet the stringent requirements of the Australian Bowhunters Association Inc. (ABA) to which the club is affiliated.  The Club has a policy of constantly upgrading our Club facilities to meet the needs of Club members and encouraging the social side of the sport.

Most forms of archery are catered for excluding crossbows.


Australian Bowhunters Association:

As indicated previously, the Club is fully affiliated with the Australian Bowhunters Association Inc. (ABA).
ABA is recognised worldwide and is further affiliated with other National and International bodies such as the International Field Archery Association (IFAA), World Bowhunting Association (WOBA).


Club Location:

The Club is located approximately 10 minute‚Äôs drive north of Toowoomba CBD. 

Shoot straight and we will see you at the Range.